Elmley Castle C.E. First School

Elmley Castle C.E. First School

A Little Piece Of Heaven On Earth

Main Street, Elmley Castle, Worcestershire, WR10 3HS


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Mental Health and Wellbeing

Mental Health and Wellbeing

'The lived vision for all to grow and flourish together, means that mental health and well-being is a priority.' SIAMS 2022

'Teachers are ambitious for pupils to succeed in their learning as well as their personal development.' OFSTED 2022


We get to know our children inside out, upside down and back to front! They are loved and cherished as uniquely them. All feelings are valid on life's journey and we support them through the 'ows and wows'. 

All classes have daily well-being check-ins: from emojis, to blob trees; worry monsters to feeling registers. 

We teach our all our children helpful relaxation techniques such as: yoga, mindfulness, controlled breathing and peer massage. 

Well-being focus weeks are taught,  where stories are used to give the children a vocabulary of understanding so they can see that feelings are on a spectrum that can change weekly, daily, hour by hour and minute by minute. 

All classrooms have reflective spaces and Mrs. Underwood's office or our school library is also used as a place to be calm or explore our sensory and emotional needs. 

For children who need extra help in this area we provide therapy using the Thrive Approach and Lego Play therapy, which is delivered by fully trained professionals. 

To find out more,  talk to Mrs. Underwood our Mental Health and well-being Lead. 

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