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10 best things to do in and around Evesham and Pershore over half term (with a little persuasive writing skills)

By Elm Class (Years 3, 4 and 5) at Elmley Castle C.E. School

Bredon Hill/Elephant rock

You need to experience walking up Bredon Hill! As you journey up, your heart will race and there will be a feast for your eyes with the gorgeous views encompassing you along your journey to its peak. When you reach the top you will be treated to mind boggling views whilst the cool breeze runs through your hair. The long green grass gently swaying with sheep below grazing and seeking shelter from the sun in the shade of immense trees. The distance offers views of green fields and a tower standing proud and tall with its sandstone reflecting the golden sun.  The perfect place to connect with nature.

St Marys Church, Elmley Castle

St Marys Church is just astounding! Come visit the magnificent, beautiful St Marys Church in all its glory. A historical building, a couple of hundred years old and is still very much perfect to us. St Marys Church really is a wonderful sight to behold. If you like peace and tranquillity and want to talk with the Lord come down to the Church in the heart of Elmley Castle. If you love God like us, this magnificent place is your home.

Regal Cinema (Evesham)

Do you like movies? Do you like historical architecture? Here is the place where the two worlds collide. Come on in, take a seat and be our guest. You can sit up high in our luxurious memory foam cinema seats ensuring your comfort throughout or sit downstairs where you will be waited on hand and foot, filling yourselves with tasty treats that makes our mouth water just thinking of them. This is truly an experience not to miss. The sound system and picture quality so spectacular that it entices you so much that you take every step and experience all the emotions of those on screen.

Queen Elizabeth pub

Are you tired of trying to find an idealic dog and family friendly pub? Go to the Queens. This family friendly pub welcomes all visitors including pets and everyone that comes through the doors are welcomed with a smile from the kind, caring staff. Take in the warm atmosphere after a hard day’s work whilst enjoying award winning food and the option to enjoy the rays with their grand beer garden.


All things wild

Go to all things wild. It is a fun family experience for all ages. Step through time with the dinosaurs. You will see dangerous, life size dinosaurs whilst being educated on their history. If living creatures are more for you, then they have them too. Snakes, tarantulas, birds of prey to excite you and beavers, tortoises and monkeys for you to coo at to name just a few. Your children will have the opportunity to play in the sand pit with a JCB, take off in their helicopters and whizz by in the go karts. So many fun things to do – We give this 5 stars and a huge thumbs up!

Broadway park/town

If you love parks, check out Broadway Park. It has amazing slides and a great spot for perfect family picnics and having fun. With a climbing wall and a football area the fun has only just begun. Broadway is a great place to be. A historical, quaint village with quirky shops and cafes to spend many a happy hour with your loved ones.


Tiddesley Wood

If you are an energetic person this is the place for you. Tiddesley woods, the most heart-warming place in the world, a woodland covered with beautiful flowers – bluebells, shining like gems on a crown; snowdrops, as white as a fresh cloud on a summer’s day; daisies, with a centre with the heart of a sun. Birds tweeting, fresh air flowing and a scent of perfume from the flowers lingering in the air. Tall trees towering over you, offering a welcome break in the summer’s sun. However, we believe autumn is the best time to go because you get to see all a glorious shower of scarlet-red, bright-orange and a warm yellow leaves gracefully falling to the ground.


Clive’s of Cropthorne

Do you like scrumptious food? Well me to! You must go to Clives. The food is so nice it leaves you longing for more and you wait in anticipation until your next visit. Drinks as refreshing as a breeze on a mid-summers day. The play park will keep the most active of children content (it wore us out). Fruits lovingly picked at the peak of ripeness. Prove your intellect and cunning by completing the challenging yet fun amazing maize maze, can you escape?


Pershore canal

Fancy a nice peaceful stroll? Then you’re in luck! Come to the Pershore canal where you will experience real relaxation. Feel the breeze running through your hair. Smell the flowers and watch the fish swimming beneath your feet. Everything blooms perfectly near the canal and its beauty will be sure to make you feel peaceful and unwind after a hard days work.


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